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  Domain sites that host Flash movies or series.

Albatropolis features a pilot episode of a movie where the penguins are about to launch an assult on the chickens. [G] USA.

Alpha Zekko Watch and play several episodes of this award-winning interactive Flash cartoon about a charming grey alien with super powers. [G] USA.

Bloop by Steve Conley is your typical green monkey from outer space adventure thrown into the thick of the danger by circumstances not of his own doing. [PG] USA.

Braingirl Marina Zurkow started her career in 1985 as an art director for horror movies. Her award-winning experimental films have been shown in U.S. and European festivals, and on MTV and PBS. Zurkow's created the web-based, retro-futuristic animation series, "Braingirl." Buck-naked and eyeless, with an enormous exposed brain, she's a mutant-cute superheroine who wears her insides on the outside. [M] USA.

Broken Saints is a mature graphic novel in Flash with original artwork, music, and storylines. Broken Saints creates a hypnotic aura that compels readers/viewers to experience the disturbing world of its four very different protagonists. Creator Switch Interactive/Brooke Burgess is a cutting edge design firm in Vancouver Canada that focuses its efforts on story-driven projects in multi-media environments. [PG] USA.

Bulaja Helena Bulaja collected a group of unique and talented animators from around the world to bring to life fairytales based on the literary work of Craotian Briic Mazuranic, 'Croatian Tales of Long Ago'. These were Nathan Jurevicius, Edgar Beals, Al Keddie, Laurence Arcadias, Mirek Nusenbaum, Ellen McAusan and Katrin Rothe. Edgar Beales cooperated on 'Bridesman Sun and Bride Bridekins'. [PG] Croatia.

Captain Capitalism is the brainchild of Brad Graeber at www.powerhouseanimation.com and home of the "hottest cold war hero". The show has Dick Cheney reading a story to kids, and the Captain explaining the use and mis-use of 'bad' words. Also, check out the "Heroes" short featuring some of Marvel's best-known superheroes. [M] USA.

Chilly Beach is an online animated series (24 episodes to date) about a bunch of Canadians doing the stuff that Canadians do. Like drinking beer playing hockey and being eaten by polar bears. [PG] USA.

College University was dreamed up by Mike & Andy Parker while driving to Vermont. They decided that since they joke around all the time, that they should start writing their stupid jokes down - From there CU was started. [PG] USA.

Cooking with Bigfoot is a different kind of cooking show. Why? Because Bigfoot is a different kind of host. Worldly instead of provincial. Charismatic instead of dull. Lumbering instead of fussy. Able to speak eloquently on any number of subjects, not just cooking. [cf.Camp Chaos] Cooking with Bigfoot features adult themes, cartoon violence, and profanity. Discretion advised. [M] USA.

CyberSlacker is an animated cartoon series that chronicles the life of a 22 year old hacker chick who moves to New York City. She lands in the East Village with not much money, a fat cat and plenty of attitude.
CyberSlacker has launched on the new video-on-demand entertainment portal Centerseat.com [PG] USA.

Go Man A new project from Reds 13 Design, the series follows the exploits of a young bounty hunter on the man-made continent of A.T.L.A.N.T.I.S. [PG] USA.

Headache Street is a Hip-Hop based flash Animations and Online comics. [M] USA.

I Love Egg The global character " IIoveegg" was created by Peopledesign, a professional character creator who plans character creation projects, designs characters, conducts character marketing, produces flash animation and mobile content, and develops characters. [G] Korea.

Joe Cartoon is a collection of bad taste and violent shorts with interactive games that are also well animated and executed. [A] USA.

Kill Frog is a an adult focussed site with a number of shows, interactives and games, mostly with violent themes. These include the 'Ultimate Survivor' series, 'Fluff The Ka't, 'Little Susie', 'Dumb Ass Bass', and the excellent videoclip 'Super Pimpin'. [M] USA.

Low Morale 'Low Morale' by Laith Bahrani was specifically inspired one afternoon after being yapped at by a sales person for about 20 minutes. It is a series of animations portraying one man's struggle to cope with the soul-sapping, will-to-live sapping, life-force mugging, morale-crushing experiences of work. The latest and most innovative episode is a 'Creep' video to music by Radiohead. See interview in March 2005 at coldhardflash.com [PG] GBR.

Mashi Maro is a about Mashi Maro, a small white rabbit that can simple events into a nightmare. [G] Korea.

Mutafukaz Host to the Mutafukaz web comic and animation. [M] USA.

Ninjai is a beautiful but violent animation about a small warrior who seeks answers to his questions. [M] Australia.

Nosepilot by Alex Sacui is an interactive exploration of his surreal workd featuring an excellent graphic design style [G] Unknown.

Patate Show is a promo for The Patate Show (The Potato Show), starring . a potato. [G] France.

Pavlov features shorts about a blue puppy and his interactions in an experimental lab. [G] France.

Rubberfish by Ellen McAuslan, born in England and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, features her creations, the rubber-suited 'Ms. Swat', the white-coated 'Prof. Jenny T. Cyst' and the banana skin-coated 'Animation Cats'. [PG] Denmark.

Sam the Dog Inc. was launched in 1999 to develop, produce and publish animation and various streaming media features for its own brand, Sam the Dog, and characters of D.B. Dowd. Sam the Dog was featured weekly from 1997 to 1999 on the editorial pages of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in a serialized graphic novel called 'The Frame Job.' Sam and his fellow characters depict the good, evil and off-center of modern society. [PG] USA.

Star Wars Spoofs Ryan Simmons is an artist with over 7 years of experience in animation. While working at Warner Bros. and Dreamworks he has lent his skills to such films as "Cat's Don't Dance", "Quest for Camelot", "The Road to ElDorado", "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron", and "The Iron Giant". Combining his passion for animation with his love of "Star Wars", Ryan hopes that his cartoons will bring a few giggles to the universe! [PG] USA.

Vooz is a company focussed on character development and licencing. It's creations include 'Pucca - Funny Love', Mura - Military Pigs', 'Animal Craft' and 'Dooby & Rooby - Rolling Bear'. [G] Korea.

Whirlgirl In the year 2040 the world of today has become dominated by a huge, totalitarian, "mediatech" empire called ZoneWerks, commanded by the megalomaniacal Ty Harden. Only a small band of rebels is willing to oppose Harden's tyranny, but luckily they have on their side Kia Cross, better known as WhirlGirl, a sexy superhero who likes to fight evil while wearing wraparound polarized shades and scant else. Producers - Visionary Media. [G] USA.