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  These sites mainly host Flash animation, but in some cases they are also the producers.

120 Seconds is run by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for a Scavenger Flash Contest in which they provided a number of images and sounds that had to be used together (in any way the participants wanted) to create a short "film." Features Konspiracy Korner hosted by Ulf, Arobian Knight, Gumboots, Vaughan the leprechaun, Wonder Machine and other shorts in Flash & Media Player. [PG] Canada.

Adult Swim is a adult section of the Comedy Central website, featuring shows with adult content. [M] USA.

Animacion is a portal of Flash Animation and games in Hispanic speech. Minijuegos in flash. Forum of Discussion. [M] Latin America.

Animation Express [Hotwired] was one of the first sites to display Flash animation from around the world. Sadly it shut down in May 2005, but many of the shorts it hosed are still to be found on the net. " [M] USA.

AOK Publishing was formed in 1995, publishing comic books and cartoon strips for the direct comic market and in national magazines. In 1999, A.O.K. became one of the first few studios to produce episodic cartoon animation for the web using Macromedia Flash. In April 1999, in collaboration with Camp Chaos, A.O.K. produced the pilot episode of The Von Ghouls, "the first band with a cartoon series online". [PG] USA.

Atom Films are associated with Macromedia's Shockwave site and are major distributors of independent, and some production, animation. There is a Flash section that includes samples of Joe Cartoon, Gapinski & Martin Garner. [M] USA.

Bechamel is a French adult-focussed entertainment site featuring animation, games and music - mostly in French, but some in English. It hosts episodes of 'Nurd' and Ellen McAuslan's 'Rubberfish' amongst others, such as the amusing ' Cado et noix de coco (Gifts and Coconuts)' and stylish 'Dogview'. [M] France.

Benchcomics are distributors of Mondo, Broken Saints, BLOOP TV, TheShroud, Stone Trek, and pilots such as Warrior's Way, Spaceboy Slim andBuzzboy. [PG] USA.

Best Game City Online Fun Portal Flash Games, Flash Movies,Stick Figure Death, Cartoons, Funny Videos, Funny Pics and more... Action, Fun, Logic, Racing, RPG, Shooter, Sport Games, Humor and jokes..... [PG] GER.

Boneland (T-Bone) 'Weapons of mass distraction'. Boneland is an independent studio/portal featuring humour-based shows such as ' Bumblestick', ' Billiam Duck', 'Judge Hellfire', 'Crash Test Dumbass' and games. Some are free, but most are available only through the Prime Club for a small fee. [PG] USA.

Camp Chaos is the creation of Bob Cesca and are producers of undergrad & adult material. Features Napster Bad, Angry Naked Pat, Nippleman, Monkey for President and; Motly Crue videos.
They also act a distributors for independant animators including: 8 Legged Entertainment, Any Dig, Big Hairy Ape, Bunnygrenade, Casino of Doom, Comedy Satellite, Cooking With Bigfoot, Deep Fried Live, Flashhog, Idiot Box TV, Jay Donaldson, Media Pickle, Noise Rover, Parallax, Plutonium Room, Sci-Fi Guys, Sinkmeat, Splat Animation, Stickyflicks, Stone Trek, Tappy Cat, Transience and 1-off shorts. [M] USA.

Canal 96 A Spanish language adult-focussed portal that also hosts Flash animation. Features 'Heem Man'. [A] Spain.

Cartoon Network is the portal for the AOL Time Warner Company and has promos and program information for the show that it produces, and some Web Shows. See World Premiere Toons. [G] USA.

Cine City is anAustralian production company and features Flash animated versions of Phil Somervillecartoons. [G] USA.

Circus Extreme is a portal featuring 'extreme' games and cartoons. I think 'extreme' here means bodily functions and violence. It includes 'Hurley Burly', 'Phil & Gil', 'Phone-Jacked', 'Nipple Twister', 'Pumpkin Carver', 'Mission Irresponsible', and 'ShockRoom'. [PG] USA.

Click Flick are distributors of Independent Shorts such as Moonstruck, Ocean of Infinity, Golden Boy, What are the Welsh good for anyway?, Broken Saints, The Scarecrow, Drugbunny, Won & Twoo and Matilda. [M] USA.

Comedy Central features "R#ck's Sh#t L#st" and "Bob Morgan". Also hosts Home Grown Humor, which has animation of variable quality. [PG] USA.

Counting Down has some Flash shorts such as Morto the Magician and Tales of Irth. [PG] USA.

Drug Bunny Adult oriented show featuring a 'wackadelic' drugged-out bunny. [M] USA.

En-Pop is a huge Korean langauage entertainment portal and also producers of the 'Heem Man' show. [PG] Korea.

Entertainmail is a small but very enthousiastic team and share the same feeling about internet...it should be less serious and more about fun and entertainment. It hosts movies, series and games and is an open platform for all the creative artists in the world (or everybody who thinks he/she is). As they say "If it's crap...you made it". [M] USA.

Eva & Adan A Spanish(?) erotic games website dedicated to the interaction between woman and man, with good games and links to other sites. [A] Spain.

Excite has links to independent animation. Search the Entertainment Directory for "animation". [] USA.

Fandom Films started in 1995 as a film/video production company which did several short films, music videos, and one independent feature film. It currently hosts a selection of Flash shorts, including… [PG] USA.

Flash and Beyond is aimed at showcasing what's going on in the world of Flash, LiveMotion, Director, QuickTime, and other forms of streaming media. "There are some great sites out there for resources. Some have news. Others have galleries. We'd like to tie all these subjects together under one roof. So we're building sort of a portal, and adding interviews with people who are wrestling with Flash and producing killer interfaces and content". [PG] USA.

Flash Player is "a developers and enthusiast portal for viewer driven content, interaction and community. Using cutting edge site interaction we hope to drive the new wave of broadband websites. The internet is a vast library of information our site will hopefully become a place you come to when looking for games, animations and all sorts of wacky and crazy flash titles." [PG] USA.

Flashmeat is a French portal that provides links to hundereds of Flash games and animations. Warning, some are for mature audiences. [PG] France.

Geon A strange site, hosting Funny Flash Animations, Humor Images, Online Games such as Flash, Shockwave, Java, Comedy Videos and Other weird sh*t. The site hosts a range of stick figure, Japanese, Korean and other shows for mature audiences. [PG] Unknown.

Happy Kipper Life is silly our very existence on this spinning rock is completely absurd, though no less beautiful for it. Happy Kipper celebrates that spirit. It aims to be the complete cartoons and games link channel. Happy Kipper offers a changing program of the best the web has to offer in free fun games, itineractions, videos, comic strips and web art. All of which are reviewed by hand, classified and rated. [PG] USA.

Heavy is a portal focussing on Music-related content. Dedicated mainly to parodying "things that suck" in popular culture, Heavy's sections include "Behind the Music that Sucks" and "American Suck Countdown" - send-ups of VH-1's "Behind the Music" and the legendary Top-40 countdown with Casey Kasem. [PG] USA.

Honkworm roducers of Dog In A Box With Two Wheels (see AtomicStudio), Siliconites and Coffee Beans. The site includes a good article on Flash animation. [PG] USA.

I Want My Flash TV is a mac-based community site dedicated to the development & support of flash-generated film shorts and animations created by talented animators, film-makers, flash-media developers, storytellers and students from around the world. Based in San Francisco, it features some of the best international shorts from countries such as Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden as well as Canada and the USA. [] USA.

Icebox has undergone a number of changes. Originally producers and distributors of original material such as Mr. Wong and Jesus and His Brothers. They are now charging for downloads to recover costs. They also host some independent animation. [PG] USA.

iFilm , the Internet movie guide, is a large portal with a huge movie database. It also hosts some animated series in different formats, some in Flash, including: Behind the Music That Sucks, Dream Detective, Bludd, Gary the Rat, Ignatius and Olga, Joe Cartoon, Monkey for President, Stan & Stan, Stainboy, Thugs on Film and Undercover Brother. [M] USA.

In Flash Formerly Showplayer, In Flash has articles and links to web shows and games, many of which are hosted on other major portals, including 'Sabotage' from Liquid generation - be warned. [PG] USA.

Level 13 Link to the Flash Menu [PG] USA.

Liquid Generation is an "in yer face" type of portal, specialising on pop culture and parody. It has sections featuring games, movie news, humour, music & naughty. Features Suck My News and World's 50 Best Websites. [PG] USA.

Milk and Cookies is an archive of memes for disturbing geeks about: sex machines, pop culture, anti christ religions, humor cults, joke news, open source stuff, security, technology, sarcasm and toilet humor. MilkandCookies came about when Jaxon's personal website merged with Hellroy's Junkmail mailing list. [PG] USA.

MP4 is a division of Vivendi Universal Net USA Group and provides info on music and film, and hosts some animation and games. [PG] USA.

Networkx is an adult-focussed UK portal that mainly features the work of Rob Noble and his series 'Bombshell Blue'. [PG] Britain.

Neumu/Twinklepop Twinklepop invites clever designers to create Web music videos for indie bands.
"We see Twinklepop as a showplace for some of the best collaborations between designers and recording artists. " [] USA.

Newgrounds host a huge number of independently produced animations grouped into categories. Quote: "Picture this: Anybody with a flash animation can upload to Newgrounds, Anybody. So for every 100 pieces ofshit there is one shiny diamond in the excrement - Don't worry, Tom Fulp(the creator) has made an easy-to-follow method to find the gems" [PG] USA.

Othervision distribute 'Bruce Flea', 'Avenue P-Dash' / 'Papercut' and the 'Battle Seed' series. [PG] USA.

Romp Magazine is now almost defunct. They were distributors of undergrad and adult material. The best series was 'Sex and the Inner City', but now only have 'Booty Call' available. [M] USA.

rSUB is a digital entertainment company dedicated to the dissemination of artistic ideas and entertainment across a variety of media, including films, television, music, books, and digital media. It featues an ecclectic collection of web shows including the Flash series 'Braingirl' and 'Pod People'. [M] USA.

Scifi Originals are producers of some excellent Sci-Fi original animated shorts, featuring 'Chi Chian', Eclipse', 'Roland99', 'Barbarian Moron', 'Maatkara', 'Astro Chimp', 'Mean Planet' and Dystopia'. [PG] USA.

Screenblast is a high-bandwidth distributor produced by Sony. The avaliable series include ElMacho, Julius & His Friends and Very Lost in Space. [PG] USA.

Shock Anime are distributors of anime-style flash movies, but use anon-caching version of Flash. The site includes a good article on creating Flashanimation. Features Genryu's Blade (Martial Arts, Fantasy), First Soul(Action, War, Sci-fi) and PowerCel (Action, Sci-fi, Comic Fiction). [M] USA.

Shockwave Japan This is a Shockwave Japan Portal with some great animation and games. Mostly Japanese, but some are easily understood by non-Japanese speakers. [PG] USA.

Shockwave/Macromedia/Atom are major distributors of flash animation showsproduced by Macromedia and Atom Films.
There is also a Shockwave Japan Portal with some great animation. It also hosts the the Sundance Online Film Festival which consists of four sections. The top films in the Animation and Live Action sections earned the Audience Award, based on responses from online viewers. [PG] USA.

SHOCOM are distributors of shorts from mainly independent animators in all formats, grouped by the following categories: Action/Adventure,Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Experimental, Family, Sci-Fi, Thriller/Horror, Toys/Games and Her Shows. [M] USA.

Show Good is a Chinese language site with humourous story telling animation and entertaining games. Try the "hb_feature" and "Coca Cola" ads. [G] China.

Starcarlton is an adult orientated entertainment portal that contains some Flash games Hello and welcome to Star Carlton! We have music from unsigned and/or unknown bands, Games, Movies, Flash, Funny and Cool Pictures, and much more. [A] USA.

Sugarqube is an e-card site with some really good quality Flash animations. [M] USA.

The Toilet Online Network grew out of a comic magazine to become an online showcase and review portal. It produces the extremely violent 'Steven Seagal Show'. [M] USA.

Threshold is a male oriented site with undergrad & adultmaterial. Shows include Where Are The Toons Now, The Producer and Sparky and Ralph [M] USA.

United Media United Media syndicates 150 features worldwide, including Mr Futz, Miss Manners, Hardball by Chris Matthews, Peanuts, Dilbert and For Better or For Worse, through United Feature Syndicate and Newspaper Enterprise Association. [PG] USA.

UnpluggedTV is a broadband entertainment company. UnpluggedTV.com have been nominated for two industry awards, and have been asked to provide animated virtual hosts for this year's Canadian Marketing Awards. Features the stylish Ulf, host of "Konspiracy Korner" that uncovers the scandalous and sordid history of Bob Crane (aka Captain Hogan of the TV series Hogan's Heroes) as well as a new rock and roll show called "Rock Candy". [M] USA.

Urban Box Office [PG] USA.

Urban Entertainment is a site dedicated to urban afro-Americans, withShows like Undercover Brother, Being.., Sistas 'n The City and CiscoRipple film reviews. [PG] USA.

Vidivox is a gallery of interesting web cartoons and flash animations all dating around 1999-2000, with free downloads for animators, toon tutorials, links to other sites. It doesn't appear to have been updated since then. [PG] USA.

Wackytoons is a UK based portal, showing the work of Driscal Productions, Transience, Joe Corrao, Abrakadabra, Stone Trek, Dr. Minz, Bulbo and more. [PG] Britain.

Warner Bros Originals are producer/distributors series including Gotham Girls, God & Devil Show,Lobo (now in UK only), Timberwolf, Steppenwolf RPG game and Lucha School. [M] USA.

Warprecords are promoters of a music-based animation competition. [PG] USA.

Web Premier Toons is a section of the Cartoon Network portal and are distributors of various 1-off shorts for kids. Features shows by Wildbrain and Flash interpretatioons of some 80s cartoon series. Includes Happy Hiro's Used Giant Robots, Groove Monkey, Acrobatic Spelling, Mantelope and Penelope Pitstop. [G] USA.