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  These sites are by artists and/or studios that produce Flash movies, animation or innovative interaction.

4 Eyed Animation is the creation of NYC based cartoonist and animator, Joe Corrao. The site features trailers for 'The Frankenellos', 'Twins', 'Sluggy & Poppo', 'Laughing Stock', 'Cyberslacker', 'Fetus High School' and 'Superstars'. His work has great character design, colour sense and fluid Flash animation syle. [G] USA.

512 Productions is Ben Apgar and the site includes most of his mostly adult material. Shorts include 'Chinese Restaurant', 'Mr Penis', 'Mr Penis 2', 'It's 10 P.M', 'Lobster Magnet', 'The Steve Comic', 'Schloshd Beer' and 'Britney Spears PSA'. [M] USA.

Abrakadabra is Samuli Sillanpää from Helsinki, Finland. Shows include 'Arcade', 'Hippo Goes Fishing', 'Moderism', 'Bullseye' and 'Meanwhile On The South Pole'. [PG] Scandanavia.

Alienant are producers of 'Fireant', 'Blackfly', 'Justicefly' and 'Captain Fishbowl'. [M] USA.

Al MacInnes Al MacInnes is a Melbourne-based animator, musician and sound designer whos has produced his own shorts and promotional material for TV. [G] Australia.

Animation Media is the producer of creative animated shorts, 'Signs', a flash animation inspired by warning signs and The 'Moment', about everyday scenes turining sinister. [G] Britain.

Animax Entertainment is an animation and interactive entertainment studio based in Los Angeles. Their core expertise is in using Flash for broadcast animation. Shorts include 'Interactive Jones', 'The Lounger', 'The Paranoid". [G] USA.

Animonger is by Warren Scott F, a freelance animator who has worked or a number of US production houses. The site showcases some of his work, including 'Hamsters', 'Game Girl' and 'Sheeps'. [PG] USA.

Aquarium Theater Flash animation from Japan with interaction and games all based on sea life. [G] Japan.

Art Barn are Producers of the shows 'Manuel Override', 'Elfie Elfhead', 'Weeglot's Christmas Glorp' and 'Alien Abductee Theater' which is hosted on the RKO Pictureswebsite. [PG] USA.

Astro Joe is produced by Kyle Rakestraw and Scott Thomas features 'Phoebe's Helpdesk' and Dr Heck [PG] USA.

Atomicartoons are producers of the fantastic 'Thugs on Film' (one of the best shows on the web) for Mondo Media and the show 'Dog In A Box With Two Wheels'. The site includes promos for 'Flash Johnny', 'Bad Cop', 'Flippo & the Sea Nymphs' and 'Atomic Betty'. The site features an novel interactive animated tour of the studio. [M] USA.

Augenblick Creator of the fabulous 'Drunky', and other great shorts including a Quicktime animation to the song 'Ramblin Man' by Hank Williams Sr. [M] USA.

Badman is Sean Nadeau, creator of shorts including 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots', 'E-Vengers', 'Queer Moments in History' and 'Billy Exorcist'. [PG] USA.

Bardel Studios Producers of 'Mr Dink', a young man who only feels comfortable without clothes. [PG] USA.

Big Hairy Ape Comics Known mostly for his print comic books, Big Hairy Ape's Steve Mannion makes his foray into Flash animation. The result is the adorable-but-accident-prone Dipsy Pittstop. [PG] USA.

Billy Blob A collection of shorts using a graphic 2D style and funky bass & piano soundtracks. Includes Karma Ghost. [PG] USA.

Bitey is the concept/product of the fertile mind of Australian animator Adam Phillips. He left his fulltime job with Disney and is now doing any freelance work he can get my hands on. Adam has produced inovative and competition-winning shorts such as Hitchiker and the Brackenwood series. [G] Australia.

Blackbriars is Trevor Murphy, creator of 'DR Killarney', 'M Bird', 'Ballygick 'n' Shpittle' and 'Spaceboy'. [PG] USA.

Brian Mung 'My name is Brian and this is my site. This is where I stick all the stuff they won't pay me for at work. My jobs there are various but I'm often left to my own devices to create animated content in Flash'. Brian has created a wide range of shorts using different styles, including 'Strawberryin', 'Evil Sheep', 'Space Boy' and 'Fancy Soup'. [PG] Britain.

Bruce Simpson is the creator of the black & white series 'Stick Girl', a girl struggling with modern issues facing women. Awarded BEST CANADIAN FILM - Giggle Shorts International Comedy Film Festival. [PG] USA.

Bunnygrenade is the home base of Rich Moyer's particular blend of madness, and features a veritable motherlode of scatalogical stuff and the challenging 'The She-Male Shell Game' [cf.Camp Chaos] [M] USA.

Bunsella Films Presently, Patricia Beckmann is the Chair of Computer Animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Patricia continues to work with MIT as well as Boston and Hollywood based companies on projects with her students at SCAD. Her work includes 'Won & Twoo', 'Matilda' and 'Gertrudah and Her Grandmothers'. [M] USA.

Camp Chaos Producers of undergrad & adult material. Features Napster Bad, Angry Naked Pat, Nippleman, Monkey for President & Motly Crue video.
They also act a distributors for independant animators including: 8 Legged Entertainment, Any Dig, Big Hairy Ape, Bunnygrenade, Casino of Doom, Comedy Setellite, Cooking With Bigfoot, Deep Fried Live, Flashhog, Idiot Box TV, Jay Donaldson, Media Pickle, Noise Rover, Parallax, Plutoniim Room, Sci-Fi Guys, Sinkmeat, Splat Animation, Stickyflicks, Stone Trek, Transience and 1-off movies. [M] USA.

Cartoonbasement by Dave Ensign. Features "Jim the Cat" an addicted smoker. [PG] USA.

Cartunia by Claudia De Luca, is an Italian animation and design studio showcasing a number of artists using a mixture of animation styles and erotic sensibility. The site features 'Superlola', the first transexual to guide you through the net. [M] Italy.

Casino of Doom, The The Casino of Doom is a brainchild from the wacky mind of artist and illustrator Jim Fisher. We're proud to showcase Jim's exceedingly uproarious animations, which we believe are amongst the funniest we've seen from an independent animator. [PG] USA.

Cloud10 is a homepage/portal by Mike Baker with a heavy emphasis on sexual content. He is also the creator of some Flash shorts including 'Ghetto Stripper' 1 and 2, 'Women Talking' and 'New Tatoo'. [A] USA.

Comedy Satellite describe themselves as "a new, exciting, young, handsome, and unfeasibly well-endowed media company." Their specialties include Flash animation, song spoofs, and various kind of satire, and, according to their website, they may even "dabble in the dark arts in return for comedic inspiration" from time to time. Features 'Father Tourette O'Foley', 'Roger Mclouse' and 'The Prison Bitch Song'. [M] USA.

Cupco Illustration is Lucas Temby, an Australian monster living in Tokyo, Japan with his girlfriend who is the most beautiful monster in the world and in Cupco! He has been making pictures for money for a while now. [PG] Japan.

Dan Chambers has produced shorts such as 'Roger Moore's Requiem' and the series ' The Amazing Adrelini Bros' and 'The Pygmy Shrew' . [PG] USA.

Diamz is Kamizol Productions, an artist fom Bruxelles and creator of the 'Leon' animated shows featuring a boy and his cat, and some games. His site also has an archive of some of his earlier work. [G] Bruxelles.

Digital Dog Production studio with a very slick intro movie. [G] USA.

Dr Minz Eyes and Ears Inc specialises in 2D and 3D Flash animation, and particularly music videos. Check out the excellent '59 Ways' Video by Boomtang. Dr Minz Inc. is attracted to projects with extreme levels of unique imagination and enormous budgets. [PG] USA.

Driscal Designs The name Driscal, does in fact, belong to a duck. Thats right, a water fowl. The studio is located in the NorthtEastern Bay Area of California. Driscal Designs is owned and operated by David Magliocco.
The site features a number of shorts & series including Milton, Extrordinary Boy, Tok & Jok, Phil Bug, Wonder Guy, Dr. Oddly and Arturo & Mr. Yarble. [G] Canada.

E Studio Features 'Gary the Rat' and Regurge parodies of popular songs: Buggles - Internet Killed the Video Star, Limp Bizkit - Pokee (parody of Nookie), Backstreet Boys - I Want a Fat Babe and Cindi Lauper - Mime After Mime . [PG] USA.

Edgar Beals is the reator of webisodes 'Plicky & Muto', 'Wenchell Bogum', an accident prone alien janitor who is sucked into a galaxy far,far away and other great shorts such as 'Giant Cow' [M] USA.

Edgauardo Films by Victor Carbajal from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His character, Edguardo is not the success he imagines..."Everything overcome me". [G] Argentina.

Eggtoons Producers of Floyd Luteo & Celebrity Freak. Goodanimation, but lesser quality content. Some movies are Real Player files. [M] USA.

Extrabad Producers of 'White Bread Blues', 'We Are Robots', 'World of Hate' & 'Rest Home Fighter'. [M] USA.

Fistik Welcome to the Absurd Animations Site of Cenker Ozkurt in Turkey. Features 'Karate Kamil' series about a young man struggling to become a martial arts master while still helping on the farm. [G] Turkey.

Flash Toonz is Frank Gapinski, a cartoonist, animator living in Australia whose real job isn't doing flash style cartoons at all. He's mainly involved in creating animated televison commercials for TV stations and advertising agencies. Shorts include: Lisping Jockey, Toilet Break, Perfect Seat, Blind Dog, Nuts, Bad Boy, Lawyer, Old Farts, Dogfight, Minimus the Gladiator, Bozo the Gorilla, Arrow of Love, Marriage Guidance, Waiting Room, Einstein's Time , Two Guys on an Elephant, Friday in Hell, Patriot Waitors, The Arab and the Genie, Jesus is watching you, Sink the Boatperson Game, and Political Hannibal. [PG] Australia.

Fourchinnigan Productions is the one man band, Jason Milligan, creator of the shorts 'Drowning', Miracle Explosion' and the series 'Crow Clock'. [PG] USA.

Frank Lintzen's Cartoon Factory Frank is a cartoonist who's been working in the animation industry for the past 15 years. He's worked on animated TV series and movies for such companies as Walt Disney, Universal, Don Bluth, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures and Nelvana. "The cartoons you see here are more or less experimentations...and a way to break up the boredom between paying jobs. I guess you could call it a hobby. ;-)". [M] USA.

Funny Garbage Funny Garbage uses existing assets and creates new ones to design, execute, and enhance the web's largest, most innovative, and most popular brand for cartoons. They produced many of the Flash shorts for the online Web Premier Toons section of the Cartoon Network. [M] USA.

Fun On Mars Homepage of Sally Criukshank, creator of Quasi At the Quackadero (and many other other shorts) which has been included in the 2009 National Film Registry. .

FunnyAzHell Australian producers of 'Young Death', 'El Snakehips', 'Spawn of Satan' and other shorts. [M] Australia.

Fwakanimation Australian producers of 'Rudo by Night', 'Dr Amoeba' and 'Afro Baby' that are hosted on the Locomotion Portal. [PG] Australia.

Gallego Brothers are two spanish brothers, Emilio & Jesus, who work in illustration and animation and now display their creations on the web. In this site you will find animation series, short films and samples of their comic books and illustrations. [PG] Spain.

Gigglestick by Duane Huismann and is mainly a games site, but has some interactive shows. The shows include 'Clarence the Gay Canary', 'Grandpa Grumble, 'Sweet Sweet Revenge' and others. [A] USA.

Go Ultralights Go are: Naoki Mitsuse: paintings / flash animations, Masaki Morisaki: site interface / graphic design and Sunday Mitsuru (aka Neil Fukasawa) : They are based in Silverlake, Los Angeles. Naoki Mitsuse is the ceator of the flash series 'Sex Slave' and 'Joe's Story'. [PG] USA.

Goober Productions is the producer of charming animated shorts, 'The Goober's Story' and "Nim's Winter Tale". [G] Sweden.

Goonland [Bogbeast] produces a few adult type animations, mainly containing strong language, including 'The Audition', 'Sweepin' Joe's', 'Ozzy Nicole Smith' and 'Fritter The Clown'. Formerly known as bogbeast.com that produced the grotesque Shockwave animated characters that do your bidding. Includes such favorites as: 'Fatty', 'Bruce', 'Hurlin Earl', 'Snuggles The Cat' and your own personal 'Magic 8-Ball Guru'. [M] USA.

Groove Chamber Producer of gross-out type shorts, including 'Poprocket'. [M] USA.

Heavy Producers of undergrad & adult material, swearing. Features 'American Suck Countdown' music review. [M] USA.

Hoody Hoo is Andrew Babb creator of the shorts 'Knights of the Dinner Table' and 'Dork Tower'. [PG] Unknown.

Hyperbole Studio is an award-winning creator of innovative entertainment. Founded by Greg Roach, HyperBole has established itself as a pioneer in producing new media. Roach, who wrote and directed 'Dog, Buddha, Elvis', 'Hammond Rye' and 'Hyper Team 9', worked as the Associate Artistic Director at Stages Repertory Theatre in Houston before leaving to pursue multimedia. Most episodes are also available at Atom Films [PG] USA.

Idleworm Producer of shorts and includes a Flash tutorial. [PG] USA.

Ill Will Press is Jonathan Ian Mathers. Aside from doing your strange comic books and sarcastic comic strips, he also does illustration on a freelance basis. He's creator of the web series 'Neurotically Yours' about the humorous episodes of a female goth writer who feels unappreciated, and a crazy squirrel that can't seem to keep his nose out of her business. He has also created various shorts and done work for numerous magazines, cover spots, editorial art, CD covers, etc. [PG] USA.

Image Nation Animation (INA) Studios are producers of the 'Vampire Hunter INA' and 'Potter Vs DBZ' series and other shorts such as 'Pa & Jason a Christmas Story'. [M] USA.

Jab TV says it provides 'Cutting edge cartoons, flash animations, games, parody songs, fake commercials, celebrity spoofs and political commentary for the simple minded.' [M] USA.

Jehanno French artist, producer of Nurd (Nerd). [G] Belgium.

Jib Jab Producers of miscellaneous shorts including the Jib Jab Raps, Rumple, Nasty Santa, Dick Johnson Show, Exit 109, Extras, Fart Waffle, Geezers, Hoola Boy, Nooki Wheels, Riddle King and Sound Bytes. [PG] USA.

Joe Corrao is a NYC based cartoonist and animator, and creator of the popular 'Sluggy & Poppo' series. His work features great character design, colour sense and a fluid Flash animation syle. [G] USA.

Juvenilemedia Work by Motomichi Nakamura in a simiar style to Mumbleboyand includes the Dystopia series. [G] USA.

Killer Cartoons biils itself as ' the evil cartoon empire' and is a product of Fragment4 Interactive Design Studio. [M] USA.

Kimble is the nickname of Kim Schmitz. In the early nineties Kimble was a hacker. Today he is the ruler of the 'Kimpire', and creator of the series 'Kimble'. [PG] USA.

Kirk Millett is the creator of the 'Nylon Futura' series and miscellaneous shorts including 'Smells Good', 'One Knight's Stand, 'Hardcourt Education' and his latest work 'Souvenir'. [G] USA.

Lacalamita Biography: Peter Lacalamita - Award winningIllustrator/Flash animator with eight years of experience. Dark, sensual,atmospheric and angular are words used to describes Peter's unique style.Peter employs all these elements in such a way as to allow the viewer to be immersed in a world that is unusual and edgy. His education stems from three years at Canada's Sheridan College majoring in Editorial Illustration, a program that emphasizes traditional drawing and painting. Flash Films: 'The Showdown', 'Shucks', Night & Shadow', 'Moonstruck'and 'Drusilla Drake'. [G] USA.

Lili & Beko is a French langauage site by Lili & Beko who produced the shows 'Ze Boulette', 'Dino' and 'C'est Magnum'. [PG] France.

Little-Nuts is producer of the 'Need's Martins' and 'Stupid Mars. Both shows have a few episodes of longer proposed series. [G] France.

Lockblok (site under construction) features very short animated sequences of Marvel characters such as 'Daredevil' and 'Captain America'. [G] USA.

Magicpen Produced by Gary Davison. Features the shorts 'Scarecrow', 'Great Fish Escape'. [M] USA.

Makai Media are mainly producers of websites and games. See Countingdown for shows such as Morto the Magician. [PG] USA.

Mark Fiore is a political cartoonist currently living in San Francisco, the Promised Land of satirists. His animated political cartoons appear on various media websites and are seen by millions, possibly even scrillions. Formerly the staff political cartoonist for the San Jose Mercury News, Fiore now focuses exclusively on political animation.
Features some of the most enlightened comments on the Iraq 'crisis'. [G] USA.

Mauro Borgarello [fumettiecartoons] is a graphic design and aniamtion artist. His animations include: 'Twins', 'Killer Thriller', 'Idiots/Idioti' [PG] Italy.

Mediapickle is the creation of multi-talented Chris Dill. He has created a range of shorts, including ‘E-Mail Female’, ‘The First Baseball Game’, ‘Toast’ and ‘Dear Penis’; the 'Brutha Man' and 'Little Johnny' series and a range of greeting cards, screensavers, etc. The content varies from kids to adult. [M] USA.

Mediatrip Producers of Gary the Rat series, Lil' Pimp, Creamburg, Meet Ed Testy and other shorts. [PG] USA.

Milky Elephant A flash animation studio comprising Kinya Hanada (Mumbleboy), Karl Ackermann and Eun-Ha Pack. [G] USA.

Mindflight Entertainment [Techno Toons] is an affiliate company of Lightsource Studios, a leading contract art studio located in San Jose, California. Mindflight exists to develop and showcase original story and animation content created by a wide range of talented resources. Pilot shows include 'The Big Mean Weanie', 'Heroes of the Secret Dimension' and 'Sam & Max'. [G] USA.

Mishmash Media produces a number of shows such as 'Bulbo' and 'Hard Drinkin' Lincoln' by Xeth Feinberg, 'Queer Duck', and trailers for other shows such as 'Papu' and 'The Visitors'. [PG] USA.

Mondo Media are major Producer/Distributors of some of the best series on the web. Features: Piki Poko,Elmo Aardvark, Julius and Friends, Bulbo, Thugs on Film, Heavy Metal Guy,Absolute Zero, Behind the Music That Sucks, God and Devil, Like News, ThisModern World, Kevin Spencer, Poker Night and Happy Tree Friends. Some of these are now available on the Atom Films Portal [PG] USA.

Mongadillo "Portland-based Mongadillo has formed a formidable production facility byattracting some of the country's best unknown animators, illustrators anddesigners." Mongadillo is currently developing numerous pilot shows for theWeb as well as a new entertainment Web site." Features Shawks, The Bottle& Holiday Force. [M] [M] USA.

Monkeehub is a portfoloio and multimedia site offering freelance work and features some great animation, including the 'Neture' and 'Monkee' series starring a 'cute' monkey. [PG] USA.

Mortadella TV is Theodore Ushev, a Bulgarian who lives in Canada and produces some innovative animation, mostly monochrome. They include 'Walking On By' and 'Well-Tempered Heads'. [G] Canada.

Mudbubble , an award-winning site dedicated to showcasing the work of Chris Georgenes working in interactive design, character design and flash animation for web and broadcast. He has worked on a number of projects including the series 'Clear'. He worked previously at Tom Snyder productions (now Soup2nuts). [PG] USA.

Muk Puddy are Ryan, Tim & Alex, and first formed in 1998 under the alias, 'Noodles and Cheese Animation'. They offer a range of animation services and are the creators of "Dirk Banzai", a robot kicking lemur and "Skid & Hokey", a pair of alien characters. [G] USA.

Muse Arts Muse Arts, since 1997, has specialized in digital design for web and multimedia. Together, our experienced team combines a passion for the technical with creative flair to create web sites that attract visitors and generate repeat visits. Creators of the 'Guinea Pig Theatre' series of cartoons. [G] USA.

Nathan Jurevicius Creator of stylish and idiosyncratic animation, including The Cat' and ' How Quest Sought the Truth for a worldwide CD-ROM multimedia project based on Ivana Brlic Mazuranic's 1916 book, 'Croatian Tales of Long Ago'. He currently lives in Melbourne, Victoria with his family and an imaginary friend. [M] Australia.

Ninjors Ink is producer of the 'Tripotin', the gentle little rhinoceros comic strip, illustrations and some Flash animations. [PG] France.

Nocopy is a web production company that produces the following previews and series: 'Kid Padle', 'Moi, Benzo', 'Magic Circe', 'Hx' and 'Coming Snow'. [PG] France.

Noisemedia Creators of Poker Night [Mondo], Jesus & His Brothers [Icebox], Chevonne & Curly [Icebox] and numerous Greeting Cards. [PG] USA.

Nomad Radio Pictures is Seth Arp and provides a wide range of web and non-web animation services. His shorts include 'Hieskell', 'Pancake Surprise, 'Swear Bear'' and 'Stupid Noise Bear'. [M] USA.

Occhio is Francois Boussuge who created the 'Questions' series which is very beautifully done. 'Question#22' is available on Animation Express - one in a series of many unanswered - and unasked - questions. [PG] France.

Officine Pixel Officine Pixel operate in audiovisual communication area since 1989 offering reliable and high quality solutions for video and multimedia productions, 2D and 3D animation, web design and streaming animation. produce video, CD-ROM, DVD, Internet contents for leaders enterprises and editors in italian and international market. [PG] Italy.

OTWIC by Othmar Wicke is the creator of many flash games, gif animations and a few Flash cartoons, including 'SuperZwuck vs. Nuclear Pig', 'SuperZwuck vs. Mr. Violence' and 'Liftboy'. [PG] Austria.

Parenthetical Productions , formerly Tomorrowfarm, was created by Len Lippman and has produced shorts such as 'Hicks in Space' and pilots for Flash animated promos for recording artists such as 'The Red Hot Chili Peppers'. [PG] USA.

Pileated Pictures Producer of shorts Generic Jim, Clockwork Rocker,Raimondo & Randy Trading Card. [PG] USA.

Pirate Net is a cross-media entertainment company that develops and produces original animation and live action shows for syndication in all markets. It is the producer of the Flash webisodes "Bludd", "Rolling Red Knuckles" and "Dream Dectective". Some are available on iFilm [PG] USA.

Plasmic Studio is Steve Spatucci, Creative Directorof a full-service design studio "giving form to the nebulous". The studio produced the videoclip "Wars We Need to See" for the band "Restraining Order". [G] USA.

Popopt was created by Robert Kabwe, a 29 year old media artist, with the goal of providing free science fiction and fantasy based online animated stories and games. Watch the fantasy based stories with excellent animation in the shows 'World' and 'Virgo 3000', and download funky digital tunes. He was also co-creator ofwww.headachestreet.com which features hip-hop, graffiti based flash animated comics. [G] USA.

Pornografica from Chile. Adult content with many interactive animations. [A] Chile.

Powerhouse Animation Powerhouse Animation was founded with one goal in mind - "to better humanity through the miracle of traditional animation and space-age multimedia technology; to promoteTruth, Justice and Capitalism through cartoons." The studio is also the producer of "Captain Capitalism". [PG] USA.

Pulp Phantom Parody of Pulp Fiction, Star Wars phantom Menace, StarTrek, Saturday Night Fever, pop music (Wassup), etc. [M] USA.

Radical Suzuki Angelic nudes wink bashfully as you gaze upon their exquisiteness.
Stylin' ladies show you what they've got on the dance floor.
This is the peach-fuzz fizzy delicious world of Radical Suzuki.
Step into the Funky Radical World! [PG] Japan.

Ramshackle Cartoons by Les Solis:' Indepenent cartoons, independently made'. He has produced a series of shorts and trailers including; Pomme', 'Cock & Ass', 'Shogu', 'Barfly', 'Kids' and 'Log'. [M] USA.

Raw Power (formerly Bullseye Art) is Josh Nick and Ryan. They created the series 'Miss Muffy', 'Central Toilet', 'Pod People', ' Makin' Moves, 'Space Dog'' and 'Hooptie-Goo Haikus', and animated videoclips 'First Tube' by Phish and 'Limerick' by Aerosmith'. [PG] USA.

RDA Studio Producers of 'Tales of Irth' see Countingdown. [PG] USA.

Renegade Studio Producers of 'Elmo the Aardvark' for Mondo. [PG] USA.

Richard Zorger hails from Philadelphia and is available for animation and web design. His shorts include 'The New Aventures of Suzzi Sailmore', 'Stop Light', ' Fishin', 'Happy Trails' and 'Splash Down! Spare Change Monsters!' [PG] USA.

Ridertoons Spanish langauage site by Jose Manuel , producer of the 'Credibles', 'Spiderman', 'Hellboy', 'Kill Bill', 'Eminem' parodies and the 'Pablo Nieto' motorbike racer series. [M] Latin America.

RKO Pictures occupies a unique place in the history of filmmaking; founded in 1929 from the merger of the Keith Orpheum theater circuit (1882), Joesph P. Kennedy’s Film Booking Office (1917) and Radio Corporation of America (RCA) (1909). This is the oldest of the continuously operating movie studios. RKO’s first foray into the uncharted waters of original, digital content was made in partnership with the New England animation group, Art Barn. Together, they have produced ALIEN ABDUCTEE THEATER, a series of cutting-edge animated shorts. [PG] USA.

Robot Pegasys is the homepage of Eric Black, creator of the multi-pisode series 'Marcus Peblo' and other shorts such as 'The Race' and 'Mystery Gift'. [G] USA.

RZ-Content by R Z Morino. A fantastic site for lovers of Japanese anime. The site contains a number of long and short movies featuring great character and mechanical designs accompanied by original music. [G] Japan.

S4 Studios has produced work for Disney, Cartoon Network and Playstation, eg. 6 Webisodes of 'Twisted Metal:Black'produced for marketing the Playstation2 game. [PG] USA.

Safe Places by G Com Digital is a playground of musical interludes and smooth animations that is fun to play with and includes a selection of musical accompaniments. New works continue the experimental exploration. [G] USA.

Scott Bateman is a cartoonist who animates to audio grabs by various people and recorded interviews. His editorial cartoons are syndicated to nearly 400 newspapers by King Features. His work has appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, the Washington Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Dallas Morning News, the San Francisco Examiner, El Pais (Spain's largest daily newspaper), Liberal Opinion Week, Z Magazine and many others. [PG] USA.

Scream Therapy "From concept to completion at the speed of a Scream, we create and implement powerful campaigns that synergize traditional and onllne efforts to generate unparalleled results for your brand. Screamtherapy's talent network includes writers, illustrators, animators, voice-artists, storyboardists, programmers and more.
The site contains a number of pilot episodes and shorts. [PG] USA.

Scuffmark produced a series of gross-out type and mainly violent animations, some with satircal content and featuring a character called Stubby. The site is no longer available online. [M] USA.

Section 8 Studios are creators and/or hosts of the shows "Stick Slayer", "Power of the Geek", "Generic Man" and "Nosu". Mainly adult content with plenty of violence. Also hosts work by other animators such as the 'Neo-Bender' series by Diego C. Zuberbuhler. [PG] USA.

Sink Meat Productions have assembled a team of classically trained animtors to create the ultimate in free web entertainment. They are an award winning flash team credited with the creation of www.AlphaZekko.com and games such a 'Disorderly'. It was voted best 3D site at the Flash Film Festival2000 in New York City. They have shifted their talents to the world of Flash, to bring together a unique mix of hand drawn artwork and computer generated images while creating exciting dynamic flash sites. [PG] USA.

Soup2nuts , formerly Tom Snyder productions, has teasers for old and future shows: 'Dr. Katz', 'Café Romeo', 'Clear!', 'Lets Have Fun With Dan', Live at the Teacher's Lounge', 'O'gradyHigh', 'Overdue' and 'Switcheroo'. Some are featured on World PremierToons or Shockwave. Snyder is thrilled to have expanded his work into the online arena. He recently won an award at the First World Internet Animation Competition, for World Internet News, a two-minute parody of the BBC News. [G] USA.

Spanish Castle Graphics by Barry Munden. Individual works are: "Oceans of Infinity", "The Dogfight" and "Star Drek". [G] USA.

Spartoonz Trailers for future shows: 'Flim Flam',' Eddy & Tilly', 'Joey & His Tribe', 'The Dogatellis' and 'Cooking With Tony'. [G] USA.

Spumco & John Kricfalusi Promotional site for showcasing theirvarious types of animation. The site did feature Weekend Pussy Hunt but is nowoffline. [PG] USA.

Spunky Town Karl Kronenberger (President and Co-founder) has led Spunky Productions as President and co-founder since September of 1998. His concentrated experience in management, interactive media, technology licensing and corporate law has been essential to the emergence of Spunky Productions. It's a company that is focused on children and features webisodes "BEMs", "Beatless", "The Aqua League Girls", "Possum & Weezie", "Richie Rich" and "Davey Crocket" [G] USA.

SQWIT Dave Lambard, creator of BIKERBABY (with mark Myers), SPOOOGE, sick animated cartoons and founder of , is a self taught artist who is working towards turning his cartoons into a cable television series. Also includes a links page. [Bio from: showcase.awn.com [] USA.

Stickyflicks Studio Producers see Camp Chaos Features Karnak fromJupiter, Mr. Pants. [PG] USA.

Stop laughing, This is Serious (SI-TIS) is the creation of Ian Dalkin, catoonist, animator, gallery owner and web designer.SI-TIS is based in Blackheath, Australia and provides a full suite of multimedia authoring hardware and software The studio can offer Client multimedia project development in a range of software environments. Design capabilities include DTP, document and logo design. [G] Australia.

Strangetoons is a creation of the idiosyncratic Dr Strange-Q (David M. Strandquest). He is a professional Animator, Director, & Musician. Over the past 17 years, he has worked for Walt Disney, Warner Bros.,The Cartoon Network and many other high profile clients. In addition to his current creative work, he is now putting his energies and skills to work on the internet, with his own domain, "STRANGETOONS.COM" which hosts the work of other animators and has a useful links page. [PG] USA.

Studio Tanuki A french/asian site with innovative design and interaction. Features non-mouse navigation with Pinpin Lelepin. [G] France.

Swankytown Features Shows (The Four Horsemen, Do Humans Exist, Y2K The Musical and Subpranos Trailer) and games. Swankytown Studios offers fully integrated creative marketing solutions for broadcast, internet, and emerging media platforms such m interactive television and wireless. Our award-winning production services include animation, design, and digital production. [G] USA.

Synthetic Niche is Andy Menconi, creator of 'Secret Agent Dan' and 'Andy Christ - Son of the Devil'. SyntheticNiche is a web site dedicated to the idea that flash can be used in harmony with java script and html to create dynamic, interesting, fun web sites that are still accessible to those people with a 56k modem without unrealistic download times. By breaking the flash site up into many smaller flash sites, each page downloads as it is accessed as with conventional html sites. It remains light and quick and does not have that phone book quality commonly associated with the internet. [G] USA.

Tedi Online The online home of Tedi, a Martial Arts trained teddy bear. Created by Dalila "Dee" Boyd, this site showcases the concept, story, artwork and an awsome animated short. Chris Georgenes was responsible for the design and build of the site. [PG] USA.

The Bug Site by Axle Productions: A collection of funny and pithy shorts by Matei E. Branea from Romania [M] Romania.

The ComicBook Factory is a small-press publishing house run by cartoonist, Karl Wills, creator of the 'Mr Gasalaska' series. In addition to comicbooks, animated shorts and trading cards are also produced. Current projects include 'Jessica of the Schoolyard', 'Tijuana Bibles' and animated shorts for theatrical distribution. [PG] New Zealand.

The Raving Fit by Dan Kowta featuring "The Amazing True Adventures of Jack". [PG] USA.

The Yellow Submarine Marketing Exploration "multi-disciplined, media neutral marketing campaigns". Features stylish interactive animations with personal advice. [G] Britain.

Thrave is a production studio that uses animation as its primary medium. Initially creating web content in the form of episodic animated shows, interactive games, and community environments in which viewers collaborate with each other. The site contains the award-winning 3-episode series 'Postcards From The Other Side Of The Apocalypse' (produced with Cheshire Smile Animation) and pilots for 'Volcanic Revolver', 'Seat of Life', 'Cupids', 'Pain & Envy/Abject Puberty' and 'Jinx'. [PG] USA.

Todd Gallina is the creator of a range of animation and one-shots and worked on the commissioned cartoon series 'Cooking With Bigfoot' written and produced by Greg Beato. The site includes the excellent webisodes and shorts 'The Misfits', 'Mutha Of Invention', 'Crock Files', 'Mime and Punishment', 'Con Man', 'Trick or Treat', 'Real Life Freaks', 'Everyday Freaks', 'The Contenders', 'Whoop Beverage', 'Hardluck Harold', 'Kivera Christmas', 'G Vs. G', 'Up On The Roof', 'Aqueduct Commercial', 'Bark In The Park', 'Coke Buys H.B.', 'Interactive Gunner' and a very useful 'How To' section on Flash animation. [PG] USA.

Tokidoki and Vianet by Simone Legno from Italy with stylish design and animation. "Why tokidoki? (I chose a japanese word because I totally love Japan and japanese culture) .... tokidoki means 'sometimes'. Life gets a sense and can change in some meaningful whiles and choices, just for a decision or by chance, just meeting a person. I'm waiting for those moments that will fulfil my dreams and hopes." [G] Italy.

Tony Bailey is an illustrator, designer, flash animator and production artist. Tony is a professional freelancer with many years of experience with clients whose products and services range from high-tech B2B to Bohemian pro bono.His old site includes his shorts 'Flash Manifesto', 'Sex-O-Matic', 'Corporate Puppet', 'Da Bomb', etc. mostly trailers or proposals and good links to other artists. [MPG] USA.

Toon From the Moon by Cardo Cordella from Italy. Cardo is a freelancer, who has worked on animated films for Crackertons Studio. Individual works are: "A Day In The Life" and "Lee and Marvin". [G] Italy.

Tooned In is an animation studio based in Seattle and are creators of the videoclips 'Twisted Chipmunk Song' and 'White Trash Xmas'. [PG] USA.

Transience Dave Jones, flash master from Australia, is receiving much attention for his efforts. "The Heist" has won best cartoon in the Online Flash Film Festival in Spain, and is a finalist in the Animamundi Web Festival in Brazil. "Teetering" was a finalist in the story category for the Flashforward2001 in the United States. [PG] Australia.

Turnertoons by Bill Turner, features a wise-cracking environmentally friendly pelican called Weber. Also available on Wackytoons [PG] USA.

Uncle Benny by Benjamin Lane: The quirky adventures Humphrey, an 'innocent' bumbling through life. The site also contains which showcases his other work. Also available at atom.com [PG] USA.

Venis Productions Producers of Rebus Series See also Animation Express. [PG] USA.

Weasel Studios by Cande Lopez: Features gross-out type cartoons. Includes "Grossboy", "Hollywood Celebs" & "PSA Kids". [PG] USA.

Weebls-Stuff Johnathan Picking is the creator a a number of shorts that are available on his website, and the series Weebl, also hosted on Geon. [PG] Britain.

Whatisdeepfried by Jason Yungbluth, cartoonist. Mainly comic strips, see Camp Chaos "others" for flash animations. [PG] USA.

Whitehouse Steve Whiteouse is the creator of the very funny "Mr. Man" series and "Kunstbar" in collaboration with other artists. The site also contains an excellent links section to "Flash related sites, comix & animation and miscellaneous & cool". [PG] USA.

Wildbrain are the producers of a number of shows and pilots, including: Anita Bomba, Anthropolis, Frank Tripper:, The Perfect Weapon, Glue, Graveyard, Guilty As Sin, Hansel and Gretel: Private Eyes, Joe Paradise, Kozik's Inferno, Romanov, sfON, Space Is Dum, Swing Town and Unnatural Acts. See also World Premier Toons for some shows. [PG] USA.

Xraystudios are an Australian studio offering various web and inimation services. They are creators of the "Captain Man" and "God's Ugly Children" shorts, and new show in production called "I Smell Love".
As they say "Guaranteed to be marginally more interesting than several other websities...". [PG] Australia.

Yenz is an artist's site by Jens Schmidt, a German multimedia designer who describes it as a "zone of cultural pleasure" for people who don't want to think of the Web as a boring "information-supermarket. It showcases animation and illustration, and features the visually seductive, interactive game "The Secret Garden of Mutabor" which was created over the course of six months.He is now working as Creative director at www.moccusite.com. [G] Germany.

Yummy Yolks (AKA Lord Godfrey) is Phil Holoway from Canada. He presents a very idiosynchratic website which, among other things, features the shorts "Bee Careful", "Fish & Chips", "Sweet Distortion" and a fab four in the "Yummy Yolks" breakfast cereal ad. [G] Canada.

Zodiac Media is "...a red-hot, convergent animation and design studio that develops ORIGINAL characters. No hack jobs or rip-offs here. All our characters are fresh and unique. Best of all, we use cutting-edge animation techniques to produce high quality 2D animation for TV and the web. Sounds cool, doesn't it? That's 'cause it is."
Animated shows and previews include "Xero High", "Bedlam Brothers", "Kangaroo Knight", "Cottontail Avenger", "A Bazaar Life", "Half & Half", "Icarus Games", "Mall Jobs", "Sol 3" and "Street Noise". [PG] USA.

Zoomy is Peter Richardson, creator of 'Oddbods', 'Bluebaby' and 'Shinji-san', all available on Animation Express [PG] USA.