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Hints for watching Flash animation: Most animations use a pre-load sequence while the file downloads to your PC. Artists try to make this as entertaining as possible, and some even provide games to while away the download time. The load times may vary depending on your computer, modem, ISP and local net traffic. Once a certain portion of the data is buffered into your browser's cache, the animation will begin to play. Any stall-outs experienced during the preload are likely caused by momentary net congestion, however playing the animation through a second time will bypass the entire preload sequence since the data is already fully cached.
If there is no 'Replay' option, right-click, select Rewind, right-click again, then select Play.

Trivia: The link images on this site are based on the Japanese convention of 200x40 pixels. Apologies to everyone for hacking your logos.

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