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Angry Kid - Series
A collection of extreme, strong language & gross-out games. [M] USA
Available online at: Atom Films.

Disgruntled Snowmen
Created/Directed by Michael Sorrenti.
A hit-the-snowmen game. [G] USA
Available online at: Vidivox.

Ganguro Girl
Hook up with ganguro girls. A Sims style adult interactive flash game but needs connection to the internet to work. [R] Japan
Available online at: Flash Player.

Hot Lava Rocks - Kammy Game
Hot LavaRocks - Kammy Game [G] USA

Pearls Before Swine
Created/Directed by Dave Jones.
Believe or not, there is a way to win this game. We've figured it out: Can you? [G] Australia
Creator's homepage: Transience.
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

Slim Jackson
Created/Directed by Ru Zarin.
A day with the dick! A shoot-em-up game. [PG] Canada
Available online at: I Want My Flash TV.

Spank The Monkey
Created/Directed by Bob Cesca.
Creator's homepage: Camp Chaos.
Available online at: Camp Chaos.

Created/Directed by Bob Harris & Josh Berman.
Try your hand at this cool trivia game! [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Icebox.
Available online at: Icebox.

Created/Directed by Edgar Beals & Jeff Kenney.
Game to get a leprechaun in a matchbox to play a ukulele. [G] Canada
Available online at: 120 Seconds.

Zookeeper Game
Zookeeper Game [G] USA
Available online at: Shockwave Japan.

This page was updated on 07-08-2005.