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After Y2K
The year is 1999, and the Geek, preparing for the collapse of civilization, has moved out into the country with a stockpile of food and supplies. Unfortunately after he suffers a heart attack, he experiences a number of Y2K related failures, culture clashes with his new neighbour, and attempts to develop alternative energy sources. Mostly online comic episodes, but there is one Flash episode [PG] USA
Available online at: Geek Culture.

Albatropolis Pilot
Created/Directed by Tan Sian Yue.
As night falls the penguins are about to launch an assault on the chickens. [M] Unknown
Creator's homepage: Albatropolis.
Available online at: Albatropolis.

Aqua League Girls, The
They're cool, sassy, and tough enough to protect the Earth and Sea. [G] USA
Creator's homepage: Spunky Town.

Bad Places
Created/Directed by Warren Ellis and DNA Studio.
Trailer for a potential series. A homicide detective ventures into the bowels of evil. Murder scenes are messy. Just ask Mike Charon, a detective who has seen the worst that killing has to offer. Inevitably, Charon gets called on every D.O.A. He's the one who sees the stabbings and shootings before the coroner. [M] USA
Available online at: Atom Films.

Big Ride, The
Created/Directed by Justine Covault and Crispin Wood.
The Big Ride, a new pilot developed by Justine Covault and Crispin Wood, will explore the adventure that is parenthood through the eyes of expectant couple Susan and Otto Miller. [PG] USA

Guilty As Sin
Imagine a world cursed by lust, greed, diabolical kittens, insensitive homosexuals, self-righteous religious figures, and voodoo. Imagine a world where the only savior is a brooding bad-boy with a Christ complex. Imagine a world where we are all Guilty As Sin. [PG] Unknown
Creator's homepage: Wildbrain.
Available online at: Wildbrain.

Hammond Rye
Created/Directed by Todd Downing.
Hammond Rye - he's the kind of fist-for-hire who punches first and asks questions later. Join him and sidekicks Lotta Gams and Dr. Gene Splicer for out-of-this-world adventure! USA
Creator's homepage: Hyperbole Studio.
Available online at: Atom Films.

Headache Street - Series
Headache Street is a Hip-Hop based flash Animations and Online comics in production. [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Headache Street.

Created/Directed by Trevor Van Meter.
Kush, the inflatable hero, can go from 60 to 600lbs in 2 seconds. His mission is to get rid of Rule of Thumb's despicable evil once and for all. [G] Unknown
Available online at: Flashmeat.

Created/Directed by Xeth Feinberg.
Trailer for 'Papu',billes as "an inexplicable Force of Nature and a sure-fire 'smash' in this exciting new action-packed CLICK-O-VISION interactive adventure!" [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Mishmash Media.

Paula Principle, The
Created/Directed by Larry David.
Unhappy with Bush and Gore? Wait until you meet Chester Foster. [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Icebox.
Available online at: Icebox.

Created/Directed by Richard Sala and John Kuramoto.
A young lady goes for a walk and curiosity gets the better of her. Teaser for the 'Peculia' graphic novel by Richard Sala. [PG] USA
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

Shogu - Series
Shogu is a samurai-based trailer for a series about the code of honour that survived a thousand years. [PG] Unknown
Creator's homepage: Ramshackle Cartoons.

Teens in Roller
Trailer for Teens in Roller show [G] Brazil
Available online at: I Want My Flash TV.

WheelMan: Rolling Darkness
Created/Directed by Jose Ortiz.
When swag's at stake, WheelMan fends off police and criminals alike. Watch out for WheelMan, an evildoer on the lam. This professional badass has no time for lip service. Between driving a getaway car and maintaining his coif, WheelMan keeps his hands full with pelf and pomade! [PG] USA
Available online at: Atom Films.

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