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Frank Tripper: The Perfect Weapon - Series
Frank Tripper is just an average guy with a boring job and virtually no life, unless the Evil Ambassador and his gang of nefarious goons threaten world peace; then it?s PERFECT WEAPON TIME, BABY! [M] USA
Creator's homepage: Wildbrain.
Available online at: Wildbrain.

Juanita And The List
Created/Directed by Kevin Dougherty and Eileen Brennan.
A purple-haired lass doth protest too much. [PG] USA
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

Low Morale
Created/Directed by Laith Bahrani.
'Low Morale' was specifically inspired one afternoon after being yapped at by a sales person for about 20 minutes. 'Low Morale' is a series of animations portraying one man's struggle to cope with the soul-sapping, will-to-live sapping, life-force mugging, morale-crushing experiences of work. [PG] Britain
Creator's homepage: Monkeehub.

Vinnie Vavoom - Series
Created/Directed by Todd Gallina.
Vinnie is your classic woman-chasing, tank-top-wearing italian stalion. [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Todd Gallina.
Available online at: Vinnie Vavoom.

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