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Devil's Tramping Ground, The
Created/Directed by Ed Bain.
Skeletons march to a different beat after you enter their sacred tramping ground. An interactive story. [PG] USA
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

Freak Zoo
Created/Directed by Dean Terry, Kevin Gralewski.
A romantic correspondence over the internet leads a young woman to Freak Zoo. But what starts off as a tryst takes a turn for the booby hatch. Prince Charming is ne'er to be seen and the animals? They look like the handicraft of Norman Bates! [M] USA
Available online at: Atom Films.

Hitch Hiker
Created/Directed by Adam Phillips.
A thrilling two-part story about a boy and a very scary hitchiker. [G] Australia
Creator's homepage: Bitey.
Available online at: Newgrounds.

Seeing Ear Theatre - Tales From The Crypt - Series
Seeing Ear Theatre brings Tales from the Crypt to life in all-new audio dramas based on the original EC comic books. These are never-before-produced chillers and thrillers created with Seeing Ear Theatre's signature mix of top-notch storytelling and cutting-edge effects. Slime and bloody dripping never sounded so good! [M] USA
Available online at: Scifi Originals.

Created/Directed by Les Garner, Sixus1 Media Solutions.
Stitchboy was inspired by the work of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey. [PG] USA
Available online at: Atom Films.

Tales of the Scarecrow
Created/Directed by Deese.
Children shouldn't play with dead things... or for that matter, scarecrows! In this brilliantly animated short, one child discovers that there is a price to pay for every misadventure when a scarecrow seeks to avenge a seemingly innocuous action. Get ready for our latest creep show! [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Sink Meat Productions.
Available online at: Atom Films.

Welcome to the IP ZONE
Created/Directed by Martin Odman, Patrick Gardner, Magnus Seter.
In The IP-Zone, the audience will meet The Cryptkeeper. He tells the story of Morgan Meil, a tiny e-mail who is sent into the IP-Zone and experiences many adventures there. The aim of this production is to explain TCP/IP to a target audience who work with computers on a daily basis, but who do not fully comprehend what´s happening in technical terms. [PG] Sweden
Available online at: Atom Films.

Young Death
Created/Directed by Chris LaBonte.
A young lad has the opposite of the Midas touch. [G] Canada
Creator's homepage: FunnyAzHell.
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

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