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Alien Abductee Theater - Series
Created/Directed by Art Barn.
When five unsuspecting humans suddenly find themselves hostages on an alien spacecraft, they need to work together to keep from being eaten by their captors, a race of purple aliens who have short attention spans and even less remorse. [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Art Barn.
Available online at: RKO Pictures.

Astro Chimp - Series
The stirring 13-part epic about the first monkey in space and the men and women who put him there. [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Mishmash Media.
Available online at: Scifi Originals.

Beast Of Burden - Series
Created/Directed by Michael Weaver.
Edvard Corlix, kept alive by an Olympian Med-Unit 8, requires a credit check to determine whether he will live or die. Even in a bleak 2045 AD, some things never change: Pay up or live with your failing organs. USA
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

Chi-Chian - Series
Created/Directed by Voltaire.
In the 31st century, Manhattan is under siege by an evil race of giant insects. Chi-Chian, a young Japanese girl, fights to wrest the city back from the insect menace. See this exciting animated series, created by stop-motion auteur Voltaire and starring Bai Ling (Wild Wild West, Anna and the King). [PG] USA
Available online at: Scifi Originals.

Dystopia - Series
Created/Directed by Motomichi Nakamura and David Guinan.
Dystopia is a big, bad slice of totalitarian suburban surrealism. It's a techno concept, a post-postmodern paradigm, and a really weird dream. Follow the raw tale of a nuclear family in chronic discord with a culture overwhelmed by its own technology. Dystopia is satire, is strangeness -- and could be your future.
A futurustic sit-com created & designed by Motomichi Nakamura, produced & written by David Guinan and produced by Polemic studio. [PG] USA
Available online at: Scifi Originals.

Eclipse - Series
In the fourth millennium, the sun has all but set on the human race. By 3552, humanity has waged a bitter war against a hostile alien force and is now on the brink of extinction. Two soldiers, abducted from Earth's past, must now fight to save humanity's future. [PG] USA
Available online at: Scifi Originals.

Electrocade - Episode 1
Created/Directed by Julian Stokoe.
Electroboy hitches a ride home from an egotistical space potato. [PG] New Zealand
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

Jetmonkey In The 21st Century
Created/Directed by Chris Ludden.
In this inventive story, the geeks at NASA thrust a monkey into space to complete man's final mission. Luckily, the monkey has his trusty chicken at his side. [PG] USA
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

Maatkara - Series
In the year 9002 A.D., two civilizations are racing toward mutual destruction: one, a futuristic society on the verge of an interstellar war; the other, a sequestered and spiritually enlightened world threatened by a God of Chaos. But now an unexpected savior is called upon to battle the forces of evil. Starring singer Amel Larrieux as Princess Maat. [PG] USA
Available online at: Scifi Originals.

Mean Planet - Series
Join Zak of Zoton and his invading comrades as they travel from the dangerous reaches of outer space to the dangerous halls of Midtown High, where Zak tries to win the heart of foxy Jennifer Love Houston in the midst of a full-scale alien invasion from beyond. [G] USA
Available online at: Scifi Originals.

Neo-Bender - Series
Created/Directed by Diego C. Zuberbuhler.
Blending of Futurama and the Matrix, using 3D animation. [PG] USA
Available online at: Section 8 Studios.

Nylon Futura - Series
Created/Directed by Kirk Millett.
Welcome to Earth and Nylon Stalking series - Keeping our planet alien-free is no small job and only one woman is up to the task. [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Kirk Millett.
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

Odd Gods - Series
Created/Directed by Peter Richardson.
A mysterious technology which creates physical manifestations of mental images engages two kids in a post-apocalyptic city. [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Zoomy.
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

Podpeople - Series
Created/Directed by George Condo and Josh Kimberg.
Pod People is an animated series based on the faceless portraits and fantastic figures that appear in the paintings of contemporary artist George Condo, whose work has been featured in exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. [G] USA
Creator's homepage: Raw Power.
Available online at: rSUB.

Porkchops - Series
Created/Directed by Josh Kimberg.
Come to the "hue-down" where insane. face-eating, singing donkeys go to mingle. [M] USA
Creator's homepage: Raw Power.

Robot With Distended Intestines, The
Created/Directed by Tom Shirley.
The Robot With Distended Intestines is a lonely guy. Everything around him in his bleak, dreary world is a reminder that he has no friends. In hopes of cheering himself up, he heads to the video store - and makes a discovery that could change his life in a big way. [PG] USA
Available online at: Atom Films.

Space Is Dum
See the hilariously slackeriffic misadventures of spaceman Dude, his good buddy, Larry the Space Eel, and their idol, Super Suzie Rocker Chick. They're underpaid, undermotivated and completely hysterical. So suit up and visit the space station where Dude [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Wildbrain.
Available online at: Wildbrain.

Starship Regulars - Series
Created/Directed by Rob LaZebnik.
In the 24th century, one starship's Captain and his officers struggle to prevent inter-galactic war. This is not their story. This is the adventure of the ship's grunt soldiers and overworked crew--the Starship Regulars. Ten Episodes.. [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Icebox.
Available online at: SHOCOM.

Tabibito (The Traveler) - Series
Created/Directed by Yomei Kobayashi.
The tale of a man travelling in a world populated by strange creatures. [PG] Japan
Available online at: Shockwave Japan.

We Are Robots - Series
Created/Directed by Brian Frisk.
Short biographies of robots with different personalities: Angry Robot, Sad Robot, Robokopf, Tendertron, Keg-o-matic. [PG] Unknown
Creator's homepage: Extrabad.
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

Wenchell Bogum - Series - Series
Created/Directed by Edgar Beals.
What do black holes and disco balls have in common? Plenty. An alien janitor with an active imagination gets in a pickle when his clumsiness endangers the spaceship he's responsible for cleaning. [PG] USA
Creator's homepage: Edgar Beals.
Available online at: Animation Express [Hotwired].

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